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Legal Werk 7: Hillsborough Hike Halloween Special

Happy Halloween! Stay safe tonight, and every night, by listening to this episode of Legal Werk where we'll be talking about the drug, alcohol, and trespassing charges that occur on Halloween. Are you doing the Hillsborough Halloween Hike? Attorney Michael Avery has some excellent tips on how to stay out of trouble, while maximizing spookiness, this Halloween.

Legal Werk 6: Personal Protective Orders

Did you know that 1 in 5 women will be stalked annually? For more information on PERSONAL PROTECTIVE ORDERS listen to this episode of Legal Werk. Attorney Michael Avery walks us through all the important legal information behind Personal Protective Orders, and then our secret anonymous source will give us a personal look at their experience in obtaining a restraining order.

Legal Werk 5: Housing Landlords and Tenants

Listen to attorney Michael Avery discuss the different issues related to housing! Ever needed a sublease? Are there bedbugs in your apartment? WKNC's podcast manager is here to answer all of your questions!

Legal Werk 4: International Students

Are you an international student? Confused about how the law works for you? For advice on green cards, not being deported, and becoming a resident post-graduation, listen to this informative podcast just for you!

Legal Werk 3: Partying

BRAND NEW EPISODE OF LEGAL WERK! Have you ever thrown a party, only to have the police show up uninvited? It’s scary, man! Listen to this podcast for all the tips and tricks on how to throw an AWESOME college party with ZERO police presence!

Legal Werk 2: Protesting

You have the right to protest. Listen here to the second episode of Legal Werk, a biweekly podcast exploring legal issues relating to students. This week’s episode is all about the rights of the individual (and the police officer) while protesting.

Legal Werk 1: Getting Stopped by the Police

Conversation with Pam Gerace from NC State Student Legal Services on what to do when your vehicle is stopped by the police.

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